Nevaeh Turns 4 // Personal // Cape Coral, FL

Four years ago this little girl entered my life. Four years ago I truly found out about “a Mother’s love”. Four years ago I began a journey into unchartered waters. Four years ago my worrisome mind went into over-drive. Four years ago, God gave me something to fight for. I cannot believe my little girl is four years old. Honestly, if you’re looking for time to fly on by, then have a child. Seriously. I’m not sure if it’s because you can easily measure the time it’s been since they were just in diapers or what, but geeze. Time really does fly by. I strive to cherish every waking moment (and even some sleeping ones)… I love this little girl more than I ever knew I could. DSC_4484




I’m so glad that you’re mine, Nev. I look forward to many MANY more birthdays with you.

Peace, Love  + Smiles,

Mom :)

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